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bahasa inggris bisnis 2


NAMA                 : SUPRIADI
NPM                    : 23209941
KELAS                : 3EB18
DOSEN               : Bu Anggi

Simple Present Tense
1) supriadi studies biologi in sma 53 jakarta
2) Twenty-five divided by five is equal to five
3) May I borrow your pen, please?
4) budi reads an manajemen book in Library.
5) Although he does not always study hard, he always gets good results
6) Semarang lies in Central Java
7) They play badminton everyday
8) Usually I get up early
9) Adi always drives a moto cycle to the campus
10) Certainly, but she doesn’t speak Japanese.

Present Continous Tense
1) adi is travelling to bandung .
2) Mother is making some cookies.
3) father read the newspaper.
4) sister does not eat sweet .
5) Are you going to the library this afternoon ? .
6) They are not playing basketball.
7) We are writing again in a few weeks.
8) I am reading a book .
9) I want to buy a car .
10) I know her well.

Future Tense
1)  Will you please help me to get the book audit.
2)  He will meet you by ten.
3) Dia akan Mengirimkan surat.
4) I shall go to Mojosari Tomorrow .
5) Tini will visit his parents next week.
6) Dwi will be shoping in the market.
7) Delon will be burning the trash tomorrow.
8)Adi Will go to Surabaya to finish his education .
9)It will leap if it is happy .
10) We shall have been traping.

Past Tense
1) biru studied japan last night.
2)I bought the book at the seaside accounting
3) Rani has been finished her homework 
4)I have never go to jogja
5)She helped me last week .
6) They went to korea last month.
7)  saw her standing there.
8) I did not sleep last night 
9)  did not see her standing there.
10) When did you buy that Magazine ? .

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